About Us

Carrying Hope, A Surrogacy Agency was founded by two women in Western North Carolina who have been carriers themselves. Nicole and Charlene developed a close friendship during their surrogacy journey that started in 2018 and realized the need for an equal balance of guidance and support for both the carrier side and intended parents’ side of this experience.

Here at Carrying Hope, we strive to be available as much as possible for any situation that may arise to provide direction and encouragement. We believe in strong and timely communication, by answering your questions in the most transparent, honest and ethical way.

About Nicole


Nicole is a three time gestational carrier, helping complete families internationally and domestically. The most rewarding part for her was to see the look of pure love, wonder, and joy on the intended parents faces as they met their baby. She still shares a close bond with her intended parents who support her in this endeavor to assist others in the process of making a dream a reality. She enjoys every step of the process and shares in the excitement both the surrogate and the intended parents generate as their journey unfolds. She looks forward to sharing her understanding of this venture with anyone who is interested, educating anyone who will listen about how real infertility can be, and the options out there. Nicole also has a background in the medical field and helps surrogates to navigate their medical protocols and questions they may have. She is very excited to have you here and for your journey to unfold!


About Charlene


Charlene has a strong background in business and mentorship as well as law enforcement holding two different degrees. She is kind, compassionate and loves to serve others. Charlene has served as a surrogate for international intended parents who became parents to a beautiful little girl in 2018. Charlene also served another couple in Tennessee as a surrogate and delivered their perfect son in 2020. Before Charlene completed her own family, she endured a very traumatic loss that resulted in emergency surgery that left her, for a moments time, considering surrogacy for herself so she is relatable and understanding of how stressful this decision can be. She is truly happy and blessed to support and help dreams come true.


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